Certification of construction companies

The current legislation of the Republic of Lithuania stipulates that contractors engaged in construction of special purpose buildings (STR 1.01.03:2017) (or special buildings) have to obtain a certificate of qualification. For example, if you plant to construct a residential building that is 20 m taller and 7 m or more deeper than the average altitude of land surface build-up area, or install load-bearing structures whose span is more than 12 meters between supports (opening), or the total area of the building exceeds 2000 m2 , you should obtain a certificate allowing to perform construction works in special buildings.

Technical Construction Regulation STR 1:02:01: 2017 “Description of Procedure for the Certification of Participants of Construction Works and the Recognition of Rights” describes the issuance, amendment, supplementation, suspension, cancellation of suspension and cancellation of qualification certificates for legal entities, other organisations and their branches established in the Republic of Lithuania and any third parties which plan to become contractors of special buildings.

Legal entities from the EU Member States, Swiss Confederation or the signatories of the Agreement on the European Economic Area seeking to become contractors of special buildings in the Republic of Lithuania shall be granted a document recognising this right. Of course, it applies only to cases when such companies have the same right in their country of origin. For example, a Latvian company would like to carry out construction works in special purpose buildings in Lithuania. In this case it has to obtain either a confirmatory legal document (approved Latvian certificate), or a certificate of qualification issued according to the standard Lithuanian practice.

The matter of certification is considered at a meeting of certification experts once a month. Certificates of qualification are issued by PI Statybos produkcijos sertifikavimo centras.

Atestus can help construction companies to draft and submit documentation (an application form and annexes) and construction regulations, as well as to prepare for the meeting. We have developed an optimal service package which includes consultation of the management, drafting and submission of documents, representation of the company (on demand) during the meetings of certification committee, as well as other issues.

Consultation of construction companies

• Consultation of the management

• Drafting and submission of documents

• Representation of the company

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